Teaching for Transformation is excited to partner with homeschool families and co-ops to create formational learning experiences that connect to God’s Story.

For 15 years, Teaching for Transformation has supported and equipped Christian educators globally to integrate faith and learning. The practices of TfT invite, nurture, and empower learners to:

  • Practice Seeing God’s Story and Living God’s Story
  • Experience deep and meaningful learning
  • Build discipleship habits
  • Engage in their communities to impact the world around them

Through the practices of TfT, educators and learners experience richer, more purposeful learning and deepen their understanding of what it means to be active, restorative disciples in God’s Story.

Our Deep Hope is to equip homeschooling families to design learning that invites, nurtures, and empowers them to see and live their part within God’s redemptive story.


Location: Online

Time: First session is week of July 8, 2024. (See complete schedule below.)

Cost: $399—before April 1, 2024. $499 starting on April 1.

Storyline journal

2024-25 Agenda

Launch: Beginning the Learning Journey | Week of July 8
Module 1: Exploring Story | Week of August 12
Module 2: Deep Hope | Week of September 2
Module 3: Peculiar People | Week of September 30
Module 4: Storyline | Week of October 21
Module 5: Throughlines (Part 1) | Week of November 18
Module 6: Throughlines (Part 2) | Week of December 9
Module 7: FLEx | Week of January 27
Module 8: Tuning Protocol | Week of February 17
Module 9: Reflection | Week of March 10
Module 10: Celebration of Learning | Week of May 5


Reach out to Amanda Albright if you need any clarifying answers.