See the story.
Live the story.

Inviting teachers and learners.

See the story.
Live the story.

Nurturing teachers and learners.

See the story.
Live the story.

Empowering teachers and learners.

Our Deep Hope

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We are people of hope. Not wishes or plans. And, more than just hope. Deep hope.

Deep hope represents why you followed the call to be a teacher in a Christian school. It aligns with the desires that parents have as they enroll their children in your school. It reflects the promises contained within your school’s mission and vision statement and points toward your place in God’s story.

And, within Teaching for Transformation, it is the first question we ask ourselves when we design learning experiences for our students: “What is our deep hope?”

It is our North Star that guides us on our learning journey within our Christian schools.

Featured TfT Stories

Praise for TfT

Val Moll
TfT concepts that were new in August are real now - for me and for my students. I'm thankful also as a mom of a 7th grader. I know he is being introduced to solid Biblical teaching through the TfT program. My only regret is that my 2 older boys did not experience TfT.
Val Moll
Grade One Teacher
Central Valley Christian
TfT Star

The TfT Journey

Implementing the Teaching for Transformation design framework is a formational journey for you and for your staff. We partner with you in this journey through the following stages:

1. Exploring with you how TfT aligns with your school’s mission and vision for Christian education.

2. Equipping and empowering your staff with the design tools and practices for the implementation of TfT.

3. Continuous support to deepen the TfT professional growth journey.

Begin your school’s Teaching for Transformation journey into the rich promises of your school’s mission and vision. Your teachers and students are ready to see how their learning equips them to see and live God’s story.

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