Virtual Document Panels at Rehoboth Christian School

My name is Becca Hibbler and I teach 3rd grade at Rehoboth Christian School. I have spent most of my time teaching remotely this year. Back in November my 3rd graders started exploring and learning about communities as part of our social studies curriculum. We explored the Rehoboth community, our home communities, our shared community of Gallup and then discussed how our community blesses us, takes care of us, and how we could bless them in return. 

When wrapping up this project I was trying to figure out how to display this wonderful learning for the 3rd graders to see. I have done in the classroom document panels for learning before, but my students aren’t in my classroom to see it. So I decided to develop a virtual display that I could share with my students so they could see their learning and how it all tied together. 

Our storyline this year is Together we can Move Mountains. I felt like students moved mountains as they explored their community and then as they blessed the members of the community by making videos to express their thanks for all their work for us. Part of my deep hope for my students is for them to discover their part in bettering God’s world. And they did just that! They saw how they were a part of something bigger and how their simple thank you videos impacted others and gave them encouragement when they needed it most. 

Students got the opportunity to explore “the wall” as I called it and reflect upon their learning and experience in this project. Some really saw how they were a part of the community and making it better. Others are still figuring out how moving mountains works. Luckily we will keep exploring this this school year.

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