Substitute Teachers FLEx at Pella Christian Grade School

This fall Anna Dykstra’s second grade class ran into a unique situation which prompted them to respond with kindness toward those who often don’t receive the recognition they deserve, substitute teachers. After experiencing a shortage of substitute teachers (in part due to the covid situation), one day the second grade class had to miss a music class. This led to a discussion within the class about the need for “guest” teachers and how important they are for schools. As the students unpacked this together an idea was spurred to find a way to thank these vital members of our community. After brainstorming a variety of options they landed on using the writing skills they had been honing in language class to write thank-yous and to gather a gift basket to bring to these dedicated people. (Of course, having a party came up, but restrictions would prevent that at this time.)  Mrs. Dykstra’s class invited their grade-level partners to join them. Maestro Pimentel’s and Mrs. Verhoef’s classes were all too willing to join in the celebration of these special guests. In the end a gift of varied snacks and several hand written thank you notes were delivered to our Pella Christian guest teachers. Mrs. Dykstra commented that students developed a deeper appreciation for the many people it takes to make a school run smoothly. One student said, “they help us get to do what we love.” And another said, “It must be hard to be a guest teacher.”


Storyline: Learning to Imitate Jesus

My Deep Hope is that we will live abundantly in God’s grace, learning to imitate Jesus in all we think, say and do.

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