PE Class FLEx at Ripon Christian Schools

When Janet Engel, PE teacher at Ripon Christian Schools, began planning for her eighth-grade girls PE FLEx, little did she know how Covid-19 would affect their activities. Janet says, “Our deep hope is that we see ourselves as Image Bearers of God and honor Him by CARING for our bodies; that we CELEBRATE the gift of play and REFLECT Christ’s love by loving those around us.” When Janet realized that the local public schools in Ripon didn’t have K-3 PE specialists, she and her students decided to share some fitness activities and sports skills they had learned in PE with a second- grade class across town in an effort to build community through play. Their original plan was to teach the lessons in person, but Covid-19 kept that from happening. So, they started planning virtual lessons using partner activities. Then they realized that because of Covid restrictions, the second graders couldn’t share equipment. Once again, they modified their plans so all 21 second graders had their own equipment. That took some Curious Thinking! And since Janet’s students were missing out on playing with their second-grade buddies in person, they decided to develop PE pen pal relationships. These amazing PE students are looking forward to sharing more lessons with their Parkview Elementary School neighbors as they continue to Build Community through play.

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