Painting with Creation

The grade 4s in Ffion Peters’s class at Surrey Christian spent time in creation searching for the best materials they could find to make paint brushes! They returned inside and used hot glue, string, popsicle sticks, and anything else they could find to attach to their outdoor materials, creating their very own, unique paint brushes. Next, the students painted with their new brushes and reflected on the experience.

Using the Storyline “Who We Are,” Ffion wanted the students to connect creation with their own creativity and imagination by creating abstract art that might be different than what they had created in the past. The students also connected to the class’s deep hope (“that we would delight in who we are and be gracious and kind to others and appreciate the diversity in our world”), focusing on the diversity among themselves and in the creation.

Student Reflections

“I found this really soft leaf and I think it will be easy to paint with it” - Jakob W

“I wonder how we are going to wash these off to paint with a new color” - Manav S

“Wait we're actually going to paint with these?” - Riley M

“Mine was actually really good, it worked really well” - Tenley G

“Mine was a total failure” - Gabriella P

“I ended up being able to write with mine” - Janelle S

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