Celebration Chapel at Central Valley Christian

In its monthly kindergarten through sixth grade chapel program this year, Central Valley Christian Schools are using the Throughlines as a thematic guide. They focus on one Throughline a month, with different grade levels leading each chapel. At the end of each quarter, a Celebration Chapel notes how students are living out God’s story in their classrooms and throughout the campus. Val Moll, Director of Student Services, shares the story of their first Celebration Chapel this school year.

Just recently we finished the first quarter of school and had our first Celebration Chapel. I met with four students from each grade, and we talked about the Throughlines, and how we were connecting what we were learning in the classroom to the Throughlines.  I explained to them that we were going to celebrate WHO they have been called to be in God’s story.  Then they illustrated and wrote out what they wanted to celebrate!
As soon as I used the word connect, it gave me the idea to have the students make a large chain to literally connect each child’s celebration point.

When it was time for chapel, we all gathered all 548 of us, and several parents, for a time of worship and celebration.  What a celebration it was!  A total of 28 students shared their role in living out God’s story. Each child’s link connected to other students in our school, and grade…we are ALL connected in God’s story.

After chapel we hung the chain in the front office. What a beautiful reminder of community and living out God’s story together.
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