Celebrating and Honoring a TfT Co-creator

It has been almost two years since the passing of Doug Monsma. In his roles as a teacher/administrator at Edmonton Christian School and Director of Learning at the Prairie Center for Christian Education, Doug was both an original TfT pioneer and a co-creator of the core practices that developed over the years. If you missed the opportunity to meet Doug personally, I promise that you are meeting my deeply missed friend every time you design learning within the deep hope of the TfT framework. His fingerprints and creative genius are everywhere throughout TfT. We honor Doug as we officially unveil our Throughline characters created by Peter Reynolds (author/illustrator of The Dot, ish, Say Something and countless others) and the team at FableVision Learning. Whereas we are eager to share the whole team of Throughline characters (and we will!), today we share only Image Reflecting as Doug’s three daughters (Tara, Leanne, and Erin) chose this Throughline as one that they most closely identify with their father. In creating these characters, Peter Reynolds was inspired by actual elementary school photos of Doug Monsma. Personally and professionally, Doug’s joy-filled demeanor reflected our Creator God, and it is forever captured in our Image Reflecting illustration.

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