Byron Center Celebration of Learning

It is that time of year–Celebrations of Learning are occurring across our TfT school network. Kristin VanWieren, TfT Director and Instructional Coach at Byron Center Christian School, shares how their TfT site visit from last year catalyzed a Celebration of Learning this year . . . for teachers! Choosing one of the TfT goals from the site visit, each teacher created a presentation to share that invited colleagues to explorehow this goal came alive in their classroom this year. Gain a glimpse into this story of an effective staff celebration of learning:

Last year we underwent our biannual TfT site visit. Based on the findings of the visit, we created a work plan with the following 3 goals for Byron Center Christian:

1. Deepen FLEx practices

2. Strengthen the practice of learning targets

3. Incorporate protocols to nurture deeper engagement


After a year of professional development, coaching, and committing to try in these areas, it was time to celebrate effort and growth! Classroom teachers, specialists, and ESS teachers were invited to select one site visit goal from the list above and share evidence that shows growth. To help make the celebration successful, teachers were given a list of suggestions, tips for their displays, and other clarifying details in this note to staff.

The following learning targets framed our springs staff Celebration of Learning:

- We can show our efforts at deepening one best practice.

- We can celebrate how our colleagues connect learning to God’s story.

- We can be gracious communicators as we interact with colleagues.

An afternoon of celebration

Staff was divided into two groups, a “Talk” group and a “Travel” group, and the groups swapped roles after 25 minutes. Given these instructions and reminders, and a full supply of candy and soda, teachers shared tips and stories and explored the great work of peers. Before leaving a display, teachers left warm feedback on sticky notes which allowed them to earn a ticket.


Once both groups had an opportunity to both “Talk” and “Travel,” teachers put their tickets into a variety of prize jars. Our administrators pulled random winners from the jars, and we gave away gift cards, donut deliveries, whiteboard cleanings, Plinko tries, and more!

Closing Circle

We concluded our Celebration of Learning with a closing circle using the TripleAAA protocol. Each staff member shared an “Admire,” “Adjust,” or “Absorb” commentary. It was an excellent afternoon of appreciation and learning, and it promoted our collective commitment to Christian deeper learning.

See Kristin’s planning doc for additional details (linked below).

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