Art with Heart

"When the pandemic hit, I called the hospital and inquired about creating artwork for patients in need of encouragement. Specifically, we talked about patients without COVID, who may feel like their health crisis has been overshadowed by the pandemic. We wanted them to know God sees them and is there with them. The hospital was excited about the idea, and we talked about creating something for patients undergoing heart surgery. I often talked about all the ways my students can use their artwork after graduation, in careers or ministry. It was exciting to talk to them about using it now. This project asked something more of my students. It wasn’t just for a grade. It meant more. It was important."
– Tricia Knox, Art Teacher

Student Reflections

“I really liked doing the hospital project and I liked how open it was to draw in your own style and what you think would best fit the project. I also really liked that it went towards a cause and would be sent to people as encouragement.”

“I really liked it. I liked that we had creativity and time to think about it and do it ourselves, and I’m glad it went somewhere other than tucked away on my bookshelf. That’s where all my art is, and I never know what to do with it…”

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