A Day of TfT training: I used to think… but now I think…

Recently, TfT school designer Amanda Albright spent a day of TfT professional development at Bellingham Christian centered around deepening doc panels/storyboards and Throughlines.  In a practice with which most of you are familiar, the staff ended the day with the reflection prompt: “I used to think… but, now I think…”  As you read through the reflections of Bellingham Christian teachers, which quote most resonates with your TfT journey?

“I used to feel overwhelmed by Throughlines, but now I feel like I can connect it to Deep Hope and units”

“I used to feel limited with FLEx projects, but now a whole bunch of opportunities came to mind”

“I used to feel unsure about how all the TfT pieces relate, but now I can see the flow”

“I used to feel overwhelmed by ‘being better’ at TfT with this year’s class, but now I feel more at peace with the idea of meeting my students where they are andtrusting God’s grace in and through me”

“I used to feel confused and unclear about terminology and now I have more clarity about the expectations of incorporating Throughlines in doc panels”

“I used to feel overwhelmed with Throughlines, but now I feel there is more clarify and understanding”

“I used to think I had to follow the text, but, now I think I can follow the Throughlines”

“I used to feel overwhelmed by Throughlines but now I feel comfortable using them in a unit”

“I used to feel that Throughlines were an add on that I didn’t have time for, but I feel like they (and Deep Hope) can drive my learning targets”

“I used to feel that TfT was impossible, now I feel it is a change in mindset and a lot of work, but not impossible”

“I used to feel unsure about how to weave Throughlines into our Science unit on simple machines, but now I feel excited about how the Throughlines we picked can connect”

“I used to think there isn’t a big enough space for a document panel in my room, but now I think I know where to put one”

“I used to feel overwhelmed by all the pieces of TfT, but now I see better how they work together”

“I used to feel very unclear about my Storyline direction, now I feel confident about my end of year plan”

“I used to think the Throughlines were more difficult for primary, but now I think they are micropractices with a doc panel to promote them”

“I used to think that TfT could only work with a few subjects, but now I think it can be added into all”

“I used to think that I needed things to be well planned/presented, but I feel like I can start where I am at”

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