Instructional Coaching Intensive: November 17-18, 2022

We are excited to continue to provide training and support to TfT schools around the growing practice of Instructional Coaching. In many of our TfT schools, Instructional Coaching has become a vital support tool for the ongoing development/growth of teaching/learning practices within the TfT classroom.  

Our Deep Hope is to grow in confidence, competence, and commitment as instructional coaches that empower others to play their parts in God’s Story.

The learning targets that will guide our time are: 

  • I can increase my competence by exploring resources and tools for instructional coaching. 
  • I can nurture my confidence by adapting, (re)designing, and rehearsing instructional coaching practices.
  • I can grow in my commitment to lead as an instructional coach through the challenges and opportunities of school-wide change.

Over the course of this two day intensive, we will offer two tracks for professional development: 

  • Level 100: For those who are new to Instructional Coaching. 
  • Level 200: For those who have previously attended a TfT Instructional Coaching Intensive (in person or virtual) and wish to deepen their skillset. 
  • Level 300: For those who have completed the first levels and want to deepen the coaching culture at their school.

Location: South Christian High School; 7979 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Byron Center, Michigan

Price: Cost is determined by the number of registrants per school: $399/first person, $299/second person, $249/person for third person and everyone after. Price includes refreshments/lunch.

Registration deadline: October 7, 2022

Optional Pre-Intensive Day: celebrations of learning, November 16
In addition to the two-day coaching intensive, we are also offering a pre-intensive day to equip TfT leaders within the empowering practice of Celebrations of Learning.
How can celebrating student work publicly build students’ sense of pride about academic work and contribution to the community and God’s Kingdom?
As shared in Leaders of their own Learning (Ron Berger): Celebrations of learning “compel students to tell the story of their learning by reflecting on and articulating what they have learned, how they learned, questions they answered, research they conducted, and areas of strength and struggles. They are powerful opportunities to make learning public.”
The Deep Hope of the pre-intensive day is to equip school leaders and instructional coaches to host celebrations of learning that deepens learning, honors image bearing students and teachers, joyfully serves the community, and embodies the mission and vision of the Christian school.  
Please consider joining us for this day of imagination, collaboration and learning.
Price: Cost is determined by the number of registrants per school: $79/first person, $69/second person, $59/person for third person and everyone after. Price includes refreshments/lunch.

2022 Instructional Coaching Intensive Registration

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